Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Map Your Moods on Google Maps

I love this mash-up so much, I wish there was a way of mapping my love. Oh wait, there is and via these very mood maps.

I Feel London and I Feel NYC are community sharing maps for London and New York but with two simple but inspired differences.

The first difference is that users don't get one map to tag their favourite places. No - users get a set of maps; 'naughty', 'romantic', 'sophisticated', 'chilled', 'energetic' and 'hungover'.

Do you see the idea? You tag your favourite places depending on your mood.

Maybe you have a favourite diner that you like to visit for a quiet Sunday breakfast when you're feeling slightly the worse for wear from the night before. Well why not share it with the world on the 'hungover' map? Perhaps you know the perfect spot by the river to watch the sunset with a loved one - that is what the 'romantic' map is for!

The second difference is that both I Feel London and I Feel NYC are Google My Maps. This means that anyone can take the code for any of the maps from the Google Maps page and embed them on their own blog or website.

The only problem I can see with this idea is that Andy Whitlock, the creator of I Feel London and I Feel NYC, will have to respond to every invite request to the maps personally. I asked Andy how he would cope if he was suddenly inundated with thousands of requests. Luckily he seemed only too happy to try.

I truly think Andy's concept for these maps is brilliant, I just hope he doesn't start cursing me the next time he opens his in-box.

Andy Whitlock also runs a blog now in colour, where he explains the concept behind 'I Feel ...' a little better than I can.

Update: It seems I missed a trick her. As Andy points out in the comments once someone has been invited they can then invite others. That should make the job easier.

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