Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Presidential Showcase on Google Maps

Last week we reported on the release of the Google Maps Elections Gallery. The Google LatLong blog has now reported its official release. In last week's post we reviewed each of the maps featured in the gallery - you can read the post here.

What we failed to mention last week however is the amazing embeddable options for each of the maps. Above each map is an option to 'Embed this Map', which allows anyone to turn the map into a customisable gadget for their own web site or blog.

This of course should prove very useful for political bloggers, citizen journalists and small to medium sized newspapers who can now easily add any of these election maps to their web sites. It is so easy to do that even I have managed to add the Twitter Election Map below.

I fully expect to see these Google Map gadgets appearing all over the Internet between now and the US election. Already Newsday has embedded Virender Ajmani's Obama's Journey of Life Map to an article on the Democratic nominee.

Via: Google LatLong: The Presidential Showcase

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