Sunday, June 29, 2008

US Google Maps Mashup Round-Up (6/08)

Obama Events
Upcoming Barack Obama events tagged on Google Maps. The event details come from and can be sorted by state.

"Sorry there are currently no events planned for Guam."


Outalot is a location-based guide that makes it easy for those in New York City to find nearby restaurants, bars, shops, and movie theatres. It's available online, on iPhones, and on other mobile phones.


TravelSkoot allows allows users to plan a day's adventure on Google Maps. If you are planning a pub crawl you can list all the destinations, including the times for each bar, and then send the map to your travelling companions.

TravelSkoot is mobile-friendly so you can send your skoots to your cell phone. The site also generates the shortest route between all the destinations, so theoretically it should be easy to crawl from one bar to the next. That is of course dependent on how easy you can focus with your beer goggles on.

Border Wait Maps
Border Wait Maps is a great idea for a Google Map mash-up and should prove invaluable to anyone who has to regularly cross the US-Canada border. The site maps the average wait times as measured by US Customs and Border Protection and Canada Border Service Agency at 22 crossings along the Canada-US Border.

The map shows the current wait times and lane information for both commercial and non-commercial lanes at these crossings - in both south-bound and north-bound directions.

Ride the City

Ride the City is a website that helps you find the safest bike route between any two points in New York City. You can enter your start and finish points and Ride the City will map a route that maximizes the use of bike lanes and greenways.

Via: Google Maps 'Bike There'


RepairPal gives independent and unbiased auto repair estimates, user ratings and reviews based on 23 billion unique estimates from 276,000 auto repair shops and dealerships.

You can view repair shops in particular locations on a Google Map and then read customer reviews and receive independent estimates.

Charlotte Zoning Maps

Charlotte Zoning Maps is a Google Maps mash-up of information about Parcel /Zoning in the Charlotte area of Mecklenburge County, NC. The Google Map tiles have been replaced with zoning maps of Charlotte. It is possible to zoom in and click on individual addresses in the town and receive information about its zoning.

Thirsty Hiker
Thirst Hiker is a map of brew pubs in the north east of the United States. The brew pubs are rated and tagged on the map. The colour of the tag reflects the rating that it has been given (red is good and yellow is poor). A link to recommended hiking information, photographs and brew pub descriptions can be accessed by clicking on the tags.

Pulte Homes
Pulte Homes is another Google Map tool for finding homes around the country. You can search for homes based on price and size. Houses are then tagged on the map with details and an accompanying photograph.

NJ Bus Map

NJ Bus Map is a Google Map that shows all the NJ Transit bus routes. Each route is colour coded and a legend in the sidebar provides information about the stops on each bus route. You can adjust the opacity of the colour coded routes and you can search the map for specific locations.

SEPTA on Google Maps
SEPTA on Google Maps has tagged every stop for the SEPTA, PATCO, and NJ Transit Atlantic City line stops on a Google Map. Clicking on a tag opens a search box that allows you to find directions to that stop from any other point.

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