Monday, June 16, 2008

US Google Maps Mashups (14): Crime, History, Travel, Tim Russert

Celebrating NBC's Tim Russert's life on a map - Virender Ajmani creates this map-based tribute to the late Tim Russert.

Travel: New mashups for the summer holiday season..

BeerMenus New York City:

...This simple NYC Google Maps mashup plots the loctions of over 292 Beer Menus, 1532 Beers and 34 Events to one map. Click any of the pins to reveal each pub or restaurant's full, categorized beer menu, sortable by price!
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Crime Maps update: now includes over 100 US Cities:

This Google Maps crime mashup was previously only available for Baltimore. That has definitely changed! SpotCrime has added over 100 cities and several cities have their own Mapplet that you can add directly to your own Google Maps view. Combine real estate mapplets with the SpotCrime city you're in to perform power housing maps search. Engadget's Switched and TechCrunch also recently reviewed SpotCrime.
New History Maps:

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